Anschlag auf die Zivilisation

Will ein Künstler in Israel auftreten, ein Wissenschaftler einen Vortrag an einer israelischen Universität halten, reisen israelische Künstler, Wissenschaftler oder Unternehmer ins Ausland, ist ihnen der laute und nicht selten mit Gewaltandrohungen und tatsächlicher Gewalt verbundene »Protest« von Anhängern der 2005 ins Leben gerufenen weltweiten judenfeindlichen BDS-Bewegung sicher.

Geht es um Kultur oder Wissenschaft, ist das Motto der in der antisemitischen Bewegung Organisierten in wenige Worte zu fassen: Keine Kunst für, von oder mit Juden, keine Wissenschaft für, von oder mit Juden. Die BDS-Extremisten, die für sich gern beanspruchen, Menschenrechte zu verteidigen, verraten sie mit jedem ihrer »Proteste« zur Stigmatisierung und Ausgrenzung von Juden.

Das kann, das muß schlicht wissen, wer nach durchaus einiger öffentlicher Aufregung Repräsentanten der Bewegung einlädt, um mit ihnen das »Spannungsverhältnis von Meinungsfreiheit und Freiheit von Kunst« zu bereden. Bei BDS jedoch geht es nicht um Fragen von Kunst-, Meinungs- oder Wissenschaftsfreiheit. BDS will judenreine Kultur und Wissenschaft, Juden aus ihnen eliminieren.

Und wer eine solche Diskussion auf einen Sonnabend legt und so signalisiert, daß Juden in ihr nicht erwünscht sind, ergreift spätestens damit auch Partei für die, die selbst zivilisatorische Mindesstandards mit Füßen treten. Stefanie Carp hat eine antisemitische Band zunächst ein-, dann ausgeladen, nur um sich einer antisemitischen Erpressung zu beugen und die Young Fathers wieder einzuladen.

Statt ihren Kniefall vor dem Erpressungsversuch arabischer Künstler und ihren insgesamt dilettantischen Umgang mit der BDS-Bewegung wenigstens rückblickend zu bedauern, bietet Stefanie Carp nun Antisemtiten eine Bühne und BDS-Vertretern ein leider allzu prominent besetztes Podium. Stefanie Carp sollte als Intendantin, die der letzten Ruhrtriennale vorstand, in Erinnerung bleiben.

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As in Kerpen, so also in Peterswald-Löffelscheid, Germany: Turk stabs ex-life partner

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Attempted honour killing in Kerpen, Germany — Turk attacked a couple with an axe — one critically…

In front of a supermarket in the town of Kerpen on Sindorfer Street, a man attacked a woman and her partner around 3 pm on Friday. According…


The public prosecutor’s office in Koblenz is investigating a 27-year-old Turkish citizen on suspicion of attempted manslaughter, dangerous assault and theft. He is accused of having gained access to the apartment of his 19-year-old former partner in the town of Peterswald-Löffelscheid at noon on the 16th of August and having attacked her there with a knife. This caused considerable injury to the victim, although there was no danger to life. In addition, the accused is said to have also stolen a mobile phone from the victim. Afterwards, the accused fled.He was arrested on the evening of the day of the crime after an intensive police search not far from the scene of the crime in a field of maize in which he had hidden himself. Today, the accused was brought before the competent investigating judge of the Koblenz District Court, who issued the arrest warrant. The accused makes use of his right to refuse to testify.

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Attempted honour killing in Kerpen, Germany — Turk attacked a couple with an axe — one critically wounded and one seriously wounded

In front of a supermarket in the town of Kerpen on Sindorfer Street, a man attacked a woman and her partner around 3 pm on Friday. According to police, the couple were attacked with an axe. According to initial information, the man was taken to a clinic by rescue helicopter, the woman was taken to a hospital by ambulance. Both were seriously injured in the attack. It was said at the scene that the alleged perpetrator had been arrested. According to the current state of the investigation, the heavy attack with a butcher axe in Kerpen district Hitdorf is a so-called honour killing attempt. According to the first findings of the Homicide Department, a 43-year-old man of Turkish origin is said to have caused serious injuries to his former life companion (47 y/o) from Thailand and her friend from Poland (44 y/o). A witness rammed the attacker with a shopping trolley, causing the suspect to sustain minor injuries and be treated briefly in a hospital. The homicide investigation into an attempted homicide is ongoing.

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German do-gooders rediscover the principle of „degenerate art“ — The renowned painter Axel Krause was purged from an art gallery

The Leipzig gallery Kleindienst has broken up with its artist Axel Krause.
The gallery neither wants to share nor support Krause’s political views. „And that’s basically what you do when you give him a showroom,“ explained gallery owner Christian Seyde in an interview with the broadcaster MDR KULTUR. Several posts by Axel Krause on his private Facebook profile were the trigger. Here he spoke about refugee policy and described it, among other things, as „illegal mass immigration“. At the request of MDR KULTUR, Axel Krause defended his statements and stressed that he would not let his mouth be shut.“I have elected a party that has seats in the German Bundestag. By the way, I agree with the majority of Saxons. And to be practically excluded in return – that’s a pretty problematic matter.“ The Kleindienst Gallery on the premises of the Leipzig cotton spinning mill has been working with Axel Krause for years. In 2005 she presented the artist’s first solo exhibition. Axel Krause is considered an artist of the New Leipzig School.
Krause comments on this scandal as follows:
„Weidinger (the director of the Leipzig Museum of Fine Arts, TN) describes it as a completely normal process that enlivens the art landscape when a gallery separates from an artist for economic or personal reasons. That is undoubtedly true! But if it is for political reasons, it is a political issue! Weidinger cannot or will not see this! Imagine the outcry if a gallery, not, as in this case, a conservatively articulating old white man, but a feminist, colorful young woman had thrown out the door because of her political statements! A storm of indignation would pass through the (preferably left-wing) media!“

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Einladung zur Demo in Bochum am Samstag

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Germany: Deadly knife attack in medical practice — an asylum seeker from Somalia arrested


Die Polizei schweigt ja verdächtig eisern zum Täter des in seiner Praxis erstochenen Arztes.
Ob diese Anzeige von heute am Bahnhof in damit zusammenhängt?

There was a deadly knife attack in a doctor’s office in Offenburg in the German state of Baden-Württemberg on Thursday morning. According to police and public prosecutors, a man attacked the doctor and an assistant with a knife. The physician died shortly afterwards, the woman was seriously injured. The alleged perpetrator fled at first. However, shortly afterwards the police arrested a suspect.

The police searched for the man with a large posse. Also a helicopter squadron, the dog squadron and forces of the federal police were on duty. Approximately one hour after the crime, a suspect was arrested.Based on testimonies, police were looking for a younger dark-skinned man with a hat on. Shortly after 10 a.m., a federal police patrol noticed a man who was described as such. The suspect was arrested at the junction of Freiburger Street / Straßburger Street – about 1.5 kilometers from the crime scene. As forensic investigations are still ongoing and investigations against the man in his mid-twenties are still ongoing, the suspicion of the crime against the man provisionally arrested has been confirmed.

He is 26 years old and comes from Somalia. According to previous information, the attacker came to the doctor’s office without an appointment and immediately attacked the doctor present with a knife he brought along.

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Peter Altmaier, Angela Merkel’s Economics and Energy Minister, has exposed himself to the tabloid Bild am Sonntag as the Iranian regime’s lobbyist in Tehran. „We don’t let Washington dictate trade relations with other countries,“ the politician told the tabloid, „every German company may continue to invest in Iran as much as it likes.

He did not stop there, however, but promised in this context that „we will continue to support the companies‘ foreign business with export credit guarantees“. With his statements, Peter Altmaier supports companies that knowingly and willingly contribute to supporting a clerical tyranny that exploits and oppresses „its“ people.

He bows to a regime that is also fomenting conflicts in the Middle East in many ways and whose declared aim is the annihilation of the Jewish state of Israel. With his talk of an „American dictate“, the minister serves anti-American resentment and reveals a world view that hardly differs from that of an „Reichsbürger“  (a right-wing extremist organization in Germany; TN ).

„A human course based on Christian values: these are the compass and guideline of our policy,“ the CDU party describes its self-image. It stands „for free and constitutional democracy, for the social and ecological market economy, for Germany’s integration into the Western community of values and defence, for the unity of the nation and the unification of Europe“.

If these words had even the slightest significance for Peter Altmaier and the government he represents, he should have said:’We do not interfere in the business decisions of companies. But no one can demand that we promote relations with regimes that not only do not share our values, but mock them and even actively combat them on a daily basis.‘.

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