During the state visit of the Turkish dictator Erdogan in Cologne, a young Iranian woman who carried an Israeli flag was insulted and threatened by Turks


During a visit to Cologne by the Turkish dictator Erdogan, who is highly esteemed by Mrs. Merkel and her followers, a young Iranian woman carrying an Israel flag across Cologne was attacked, insulted and threatened by Turks. Here is the translation of her post:

Today I walked through Cologne as an Iranian woman with an Israel flag. I am absolutely finished with my nerves. We were attacked from all sides by Arab-Islamic-Turkish men as well as women. I would be insulted as a „whore“ „landless“ “ prostitute“ and so on. Not only I was given the middle finger a hundred times, but death threats were also made. On the way back we were followed by three men who only left when the police arrived.Kurds and Alevis gave us a warm welcome. If the police had not been there, the Erdogan supporters would have attacked us. I am absolutely shocked by the anti-Semitism in this country. Especially when one experiences it first hand.I can understand Israelis leaving the country because of this massive bullying.

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