Germany: Duisburg Social Welfare Office blocks Jewish senior citizen (88 y/o) from basic social security

The old lady is not suspected of having accumulated great riches. For 20 years Fira Dinerstein has been living on basic security in her  apartment in Neumühl district of Duisburg. Nevertheless, the Office for Social Affairs and Housing of the 88-year-olds blocked the transfer twice in the past months.“This is based on an error that we can easily clear up,“ say Ina and Pjotr Schwarz. The senior woman’s daughter and son-in-law regret that for a long time they had no opportunity to clear up the misunderstanding in conversation with the clerk.

For Fira Dinerstein, who came to Duisburg 20 years ago as a Jewish contingent refugee from Kazakhstan, the basic security has since been paid without any problems, the daughter reports. Until, for the first time in July, the payment failed to be made without prior notice. When the son-in-law asked for a telephone consultation, he was told that it was not necessary.So Pjotr Schwarz made his way to the office with a power of attorney from the old lady. „No appointment, no conversation,“ he heard there. Pjotr Schwarz reports that he was still able to give the hint that his mother-in-law had not received any money. The case would be looked at and called back, the clerk agreed. The call did not take place, but instead the money was paid out. And a short time later the request to present statements of her current account for the past three months.Two Postbank bookings can be found next to each other on these excerpts every month: Over five euros in custody charges, which will be refunded promptly with the next booking. The declaration of the relatives that can be substantiated by documents: 15 years ago, the old lady also opened a securities account for a war victim compensation of 2600 euros, which she closed four years ago. However, Postbank continued to debit the five euro fees, which it always promptly charged back. Except small savings, maximally 1400 euro, never more money was on this depot account, stresses the daughter.Although an upper limit for fortunes applies to 5000 euro and receivers of basic security may possess also owner-used real estates, the office was not content with it: It demanded a confirmation of the bank for the reservation error, a list over postal bank accounts, which it does not exist for years any longer and a confirmation of the bank that the senioress was no owner of a Depotkonto. „But all this had long been clear,“ Pjotr Schwarz wonders. Not for the social welfare office: that again blocked payment for September.Fina Dinerstein did not receive a justification for this. Instead, surprisingly for the family, the basic pension was transferred one week late. „A written notice follows, this always happens later,“ announces a city spokesman.

Ina and Pjotr Schwarz are curious about what will happen: „If we have done something wrong, we would like to have the opportunity to explain it,“ they say.

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