Attorney General convicts Merkel of lying: „There was no chase in Chemnitz“

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Now Angela Merkel is finally convicted of spreading fake news: „According to all the material available to us, there was no chasing in Chemnitz.“ No less than Wolfgang Klein, spokesman for the Saxony public prosecutor’s office, says so. This is a massive contradiction to the Chancellor. She and her spokesman Steffen Seibert had claimed that there had been „chasing“ of foreigners in the Saxon city.Since then, the press has adopted this unprovable and now openly refuted statement several times a day. The spokesman for Saxony’s highest prosecuting authority made the explosive statement in writing at the request of the Publico blog, which the chief editor of the weekly „Focus“ Alexander Wendt runs.Wendt: „In doing so, he directly contradicts the claims of Chancellor Angela Merkel and her spokesperson Steffen Seibert, who both claimed, referring to videos not described in detail by them, that’huntings‘ had taken place in Chemnitz – even several.The journalist writes: „It is also certain that on Sunday, the 26th of August, in a spontaneous rally of about 800 people after the killing of a young Chemnitz man by two asylum seekers, about 50 violent people from the right-wing extremist and hooligan scene were on the road. Several passers-by were mobbed and threatened by this group. But there was no chasing in the streets of Chemnitz according to the authorities‘ findings, nor do photos or video footage support the accusation to this day.“After the Chemnitz police, the chief editor of the local daily newspaper „Freie Presse“, Torsten Kleditzsch, who also denied with reference to his local reporters that there had been hunts, the Prosecutor General’s Office Chemnitz is already the third, but probably most important institution that promotes the Chancellor’s statement into the world of fairy tales. According to Wendt: „The Saxon public prosecutor’s office is prosecuting all offences in connection with the right of assembly that occurred in Chemnitz last Sunday and Monday: Hitler salutes, fireworks and bottle tosses, possible assaults“.Wendt summarizes once again how fake reports have come about that „huntings“ have taken place in Chemnitz: 
 „Anyone looking for the source will come across a single short video, filmed and posted on the Internet by an organization called ‚Antifa Zeckenbiss‘. Wendt summarizes once again how fake reports have come about that „huntings“ have taken place in Chemnitz: 
 „Anyone looking for the source will come across a single short video, filmed and posted on the Internet by an organization called’Antifa Zeckenbiss‘. On it are loosely standing men to see; one runs threateningly towards a passer-by, shouting something of ‚Kanak‘, the threatened man flees. You can hear a woman say,’Rabbit, you stay here.‘ The mini-video made it to the ARD television station, the daily Morgenpost picked up a still of the video on its front page. The snippet undoubtedly shows an attempted assault – but not a chase.“But it was only through the assertion of the government spokesman Seibert, who spoke of “ mobs, hunts for people of a different appearance and origin “ that the invention of the foreigner hunt now had the quality seal of the Federal Chancellor. Then Merkel added personally: „We have video recordings that there were hunts, gangs.“Apart from the Antifa film snippet, in which an alleged hooligan chases after a supposed foreigner for a moment and then breaks off, no one has seen “ video recordings corresponding to that moment“, writes Alexander Wendt: „But the assertion not only of the government spokesman, but of the head of government herself,’we‘ – i.e. the government – had to have the corresponding material, had to act as official confirmation“.However, the Chancellor did not provide any evidence for this assertion. „Therefore, „Publico“ sent a request to Seibert: „Since you are explicitly talking about videos apparently available to you, which should show „chases on people of different appearance and origin“ in Chemnitz, I ask you to give me these sources. He also asked:

How does the Federal Government define the term “ unlawful assembly “ ?Does the federal government consider “ unlawful assembly “ illicit ?Before your statement, did you have contact with the Chemnitz police and/or the local public prosecutor’s office?

This is where a journalist does his work – for a small blog. That would be a task that the self-appointed leading media would have to do – but they would rather spread unchecked a false statement by the Chancellor. The end justifies the means.
„Publico“ comments: „This is just the beginning of the affair. That the head of government herself confirms fake news, so that hysterical misreporting really begins and then ignores media questions – that would be an unprecedented process.

Alexander Wendt has not yet received any answers to his questions.

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