German do-gooders rediscover the principle of „degenerate art“ — The renowned painter Axel Krause was purged from an art gallery

The Leipzig gallery Kleindienst has broken up with its artist Axel Krause.
The gallery neither wants to share nor support Krause’s political views. „And that’s basically what you do when you give him a showroom,“ explained gallery owner Christian Seyde in an interview with the broadcaster MDR KULTUR. Several posts by Axel Krause on his private Facebook profile were the trigger. Here he spoke about refugee policy and described it, among other things, as „illegal mass immigration“. At the request of MDR KULTUR, Axel Krause defended his statements and stressed that he would not let his mouth be shut.“I have elected a party that has seats in the German Bundestag. By the way, I agree with the majority of Saxons. And to be practically excluded in return – that’s a pretty problematic matter.“ The Kleindienst Gallery on the premises of the Leipzig cotton spinning mill has been working with Axel Krause for years. In 2005 she presented the artist’s first solo exhibition. Axel Krause is considered an artist of the New Leipzig School.
Krause comments on this scandal as follows:
„Weidinger (the director of the Leipzig Museum of Fine Arts, TN) describes it as a completely normal process that enlivens the art landscape when a gallery separates from an artist for economic or personal reasons. That is undoubtedly true! But if it is for political reasons, it is a political issue! Weidinger cannot or will not see this! Imagine the outcry if a gallery, not, as in this case, a conservatively articulating old white man, but a feminist, colorful young woman had thrown out the door because of her political statements! A storm of indignation would pass through the (preferably left-wing) media!“

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