Attempted honour killing in Kerpen, Germany — Turk attacked a couple with an axe — one critically wounded and one seriously wounded

In front of a supermarket in the town of Kerpen on Sindorfer Street, a man attacked a woman and her partner around 3 pm on Friday. According to police, the couple were attacked with an axe. According to initial information, the man was taken to a clinic by rescue helicopter, the woman was taken to a hospital by ambulance. Both were seriously injured in the attack. It was said at the scene that the alleged perpetrator had been arrested. According to the current state of the investigation, the heavy attack with a butcher axe in Kerpen district Hitdorf is a so-called honour killing attempt. According to the first findings of the Homicide Department, a 43-year-old man of Turkish origin is said to have caused serious injuries to his former life companion (47 y/o) from Thailand and her friend from Poland (44 y/o). A witness rammed the attacker with a shopping trolley, causing the suspect to sustain minor injuries and be treated briefly in a hospital. The homicide investigation into an attempted homicide is ongoing.

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