Peter Altmaier, Angela Merkel’s Economics and Energy Minister, has exposed himself to the tabloid Bild am Sonntag as the Iranian regime’s lobbyist in Tehran. „We don’t let Washington dictate trade relations with other countries,“ the politician told the tabloid, „every German company may continue to invest in Iran as much as it likes.

He did not stop there, however, but promised in this context that „we will continue to support the companies‘ foreign business with export credit guarantees“. With his statements, Peter Altmaier supports companies that knowingly and willingly contribute to supporting a clerical tyranny that exploits and oppresses „its“ people.

He bows to a regime that is also fomenting conflicts in the Middle East in many ways and whose declared aim is the annihilation of the Jewish state of Israel. With his talk of an „American dictate“, the minister serves anti-American resentment and reveals a world view that hardly differs from that of an „Reichsbürger“  (a right-wing extremist organization in Germany; TN ).

„A human course based on Christian values: these are the compass and guideline of our policy,“ the CDU party describes its self-image. It stands „for free and constitutional democracy, for the social and ecological market economy, for Germany’s integration into the Western community of values and defence, for the unity of the nation and the unification of Europe“.

If these words had even the slightest significance for Peter Altmaier and the government he represents, he should have said:’We do not interfere in the business decisions of companies. But no one can demand that we promote relations with regimes that not only do not share our values, but mock them and even actively combat them on a daily basis.‘.


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