Germany: Punish one, discipline hundreds – Cleaning woman sentenced for comment in the daily newspaper „Die Welt“

A cleaner from Vierkirchen in Bavaria has commented in the daily newspaper „Die Welt“ on the permanent topic of „refugees“. Now she was convicted by the district court of Dachau. The 41-year-old cleaner is said to have commented the following in the comment section of an article in the daily newspaper „Die Welt“ entitled „Subsidary protection: 10,000 refugees sue Germany“:

„Cheat on the state, steal from people, rape them, playing pocket billiards, demand money from us and sue the state. They can do that. You’re more valuable than gold, our super skilled workers. I hope our courts are knocking it all out. If I were a judge, I’d say if something didn’t suit you, go home. We have to stop putting up with all this.“

„The Fürstenfeldbruck police have „uncovered“ the „case“, who in turn received a tip-off from the State Criminal Police Office (LKA) of North Rhine-Westphalia. Network investigators, who mainly go through the social media and search for so-called hate comments and postings, have discovered the words of the 41-year-old on Facebook, reports Munich’s  daily Merkur, among others. Christian Calame, district judge in Dachau, argued that the defendant had accused refugees of some crimes in her commentary. Among other things, she accused them of theft and rape. In addition, the accused has spurred on other people and frightened them. In the main hearing, District Judge Calame summed up that the 41-year-old’s crime was not an offence at the lower edge of criminal liability. „I have no idea what came over me,“ said the accused, who was after all “ married to a Slovene and her sister-in-law comes from the Dominican Republic“, so the details worth mentioning from the personal environment of the woman. The hitherto unpunished woman from Vierkirchen received a fine of 1650 euros, although „fines are not actually provided for“, the public prosecutor added.

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