Dear Brits,

Tapfer im Nirgendwo

People say the Germans are humourless. That’s not true. Germans love to laugh, preferably about others in an aggressive tone. There’s usually a Prussian general leading the laughter’s march direction! It’s no surprise that the word describing glee at the misfortune of others is a German word: Schadenfreude.

On a TV show, a skit called „Planet of the Island Apes“, funded by the German government for the amusement of the German people, a barrage of jokes was launched on a Friday night in February 2016 against the United Kingdom.

„The British are distant relatives of the modern European. As a living fossil, he settled on some rainy islands in the middle of the North Sea and also with three pubs on the Gran Canary Islands. Males and females look totally the same. That which civilized peoples understand to be a female doesn’t exist there at all and wouldn’t…

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