Was Sie schon immer über Anti-Rassisten wissen wollten: Antiracist website posts antisemitic article

Via GrassrootReuter and Against Antisemitism (with much thanks to glykosymoritis for translation help):

Expel Racism“ is a Greek anti-fascist website, dedicated to fighting racism.  But, as GrassrootReuter points out, they don’t recognize antisemitism when they see it, and even worse – seem to agree with it.

The site recently posted an article about the father of former Golden Dawn MP Chrysovalantis Alexopoulos.   Alexopoulos left Greek Dawn less than a year ago, after close to twenty years as a member, claiming he was shocked by allegations of violence against the party.

„Expel Racism“ posted an expose, claiming his father was a Nazi collaborator who assisted the Nazis in their crimes against the Greek patriots in Larissa.  Further, that the ’system‘ and definitely Larissa’s large Jewish community (at the time) must have known about it, but they backed him and therefore remained silent, because it didn’t „fit their plans“.

The expose originally appeared in the neo-Nazi newspaper „Stoxos“ and was posted as-is by the so-called anti-Fascist website.

After GrassrootReuter called them out on it, they updated the article to remove the offending passages.  But this is not the first time they post antisemitic material.

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