Ukraine Cancels Victory over the Nazis Day

The Ukrainian government has canceled the huge annual Victory Day military parade in Kiev that commemorates the capitulation of Nazi Germany on May 9th. The government will only offer a prayer service for the victims of World War II and wreath-laying ceremony because they are supposedly worried about the potential for violence. But the real issue is that during World War II the Ukrainian Insurgent Army in the west collaborated with Nazi Germany and the eastern Ukrainians fought for Russia. German Chancellor Adolf Hitler regularly spent time in his eastern front military bunker at Vinnitsa in Ukraine. By the end of World War II, 6.85 million Ukrainians were dead. During the Victory celebrations over the next three days, Russia and the West will continue to face off in their new Cold War.

The German invaded the Soviet Union in Operation Barbarossa that began on June 22, 1941. On the eve of Barbarossa, about four thousand Ukrainians, operating under German Wehrmacht orders, sought to cause disruptions behind Soviet lines. After fighting for the German during the invasion, Ukrainians collaborated with their German occupiers by participating in the local administration, in German Schutzmannschaft police and serving as concentration camp guards.

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Eine Antwort zu Ukraine Cancels Victory over the Nazis Day

  1. E.C. schreibt:

    Dear „American Thinker“, how many Americans would have done likewise- collaborating with the Nazis against the „commies“ or „leftists“ or „reds“? I feel sick every time I read one of those disgusting articles or comments that Americans make or write when they express their blind hate for anything not ultra-conservative!

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