Anti-Israel Chants at Turkish Rally in Duesseldorf

AJC called on state authorities to investigate the anti-Israel rhetoric at the pro-Erdogan rally.

erdoganduesselEverybody gets a Hitler’s moustache: Turkish demonstrators gave an equal Hitler treatment  to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan (L), U.S. President Barack Obama  (C) and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
The American Jewish Committee (AJC) called on authorities in Germany to  investigate threatening anti-Israel rhetoric at a rally in support of Turkish  Prime Minister Erdogan. Chants of “Down with Israel” and “Israel be cursed” in  Turkish were recited at a Sunday demonstration in Dusseldorf.“We are horrified that supporters of Prime Minister  Erdogan are using political protests in Germany to fan anti-Israel sentiment,”  said AJC Berlin Director Deidre Berger. “Stoking the flames of antisemitism  through denunciations of Israeli policies is dangerous.”

AJC called on state authorities in North Rhine  Westphalia to investigate the degree to which the anti-Israel rhetoric at the  pro-Erdogan rally was public incitement. “We call on German politicians and  civil society leaders to speak out and condemn the anti-Israel agitation, which  can only complicate current attempts to improve strained Israeli-Turkish  relations,” Berger said.

The Turkish-language chants at the rally were brought  to public attention by Lale Akgün, a former member of the German parliament, who  witnessed the demonstration and reported it on her Facebook page. German  television confirmed the report, adding that the anti-Israel chants were loud  and frequent.

The Turkish born Dr. Lale Akgün served as an MP for  Cologne II electoral district in the German Bundestag from 2002 to 2009.

Tens of thousands of the estimated 3.5 million German  residents of Turkish descent, the largest such community outside of Turkey, have  participated in large demonstrations in recent weeks protesting the current  disturbances in Istanbul.

At a June 22 rally in Cologne an estimated 40,000  demonstrators protested the Turkish government’s response to the peaceful  protests against a building project in Gezi Park. In Duesseldorf on July 7 an  estimated 25,000 demonstrators voiced support for Erdogan’s policies.

German government officials have criticized Erdogan, a  frequent visitor to Germany, for making appeals to the Turkish-speaking  community in Germany to maintain close ties with Turkey.

The demonstration in Duesseldorf follows public  remarks in Turkey by representatives of Erdogan’s AKP party, who blamed “Jewish  interests” for the ongoing demonstrations in Turkey. Deputy Prime Minister Besir  Atalay claimed that the Jewish Diaspora is behind the demonstrations in Turkey  and that Jews are responsible for negative media reports about Turkey. Istanbul  Mayor Ybrahim Melih Gokcek tweeted that the protests in Turkey are “a game of  the Jewish lobby.”

AJC has firmly condemned the anti-Semitic remarks of  senior Turkish officials, including Erdogan, and called on responsible world  leaders to speak out.

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Eine Antwort zu Anti-Israel Chants at Turkish Rally in Duesseldorf

  1. Britta Heinrichs schreibt:

    muslimische Hetzer und Nazis.
    ewig Gestrige, an Rückständigkeit nicht zu überbieten.

    Wääähh, Ekelhafter Verein !!!

    ISLAM = faschistoide Sekte

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