Der Jihad Watch Deutschland Finanz-Test


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Eine Antwort zu Der Jihad Watch Deutschland Finanz-Test

  1. ciccio schreibt:

    Die Preise fuer Gold und Silver schiessen NICHT in die hoehe. Sorry, my german is too rusty to carry on this argument in German, besides it is good for you to practice English. In 1158 Henry II of England established the rate for £ Sterling, the £ being equal to one pound troy (5760 grains) silver, about 373 gram. In those days and until Britain introduced the decimal system, there were 12 pennies to the shilling and twenty shillings to the pound. The only thing that has not changed since 1158 is the nature of government, by it king or tyrant or parliament, they all have one thing in common and that is the absolute determination to spend more than they have. In those days when money was money the only way to do it was to make the penny smaller, by 1550 it was only a third silver and it has been going downhill ever since.
    Today the cost of one pound (weight) sterling is about $600 so it is not so much that the prices have gone up, it is that the value of money has gone down.` What has in the past kept the bullion prices in check is that bullion does not earn interest but since now the interest rate is for all intents and purposes zero only a fool would keep money. The longer the interest rate remains at zero the higher the price of bullion will go.

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